Hamster Toys

All hamsters just love to play! By providing your hamster with toys, you are sure to spend many hours of great amusement watching them play - it's great fun! Here is our guide to hamster toys.

Hamster Balls

Give your hamster to explore at it's own leisure! Hamsters love these balls. Just pop them inside and they will roll around to their heart's content. A hamster ball will give your hamster enjoyment, freedom and exercise. They will simply love being out of their cage.

Hamster Chew Toys

Chew toys are just great for hamsters. You hamster is sure to enjoy the odd nibble on it's chew toy. Not only is it fun for your hamster, chew toys are also great for keeping their teeth clean and healthy.

Hamster Wheels

Hamster wheels allow your hammy to spread their legs and go for a run in safe, enclosed surroundings. Your hamster will simply love running in their wheel which provides them with great exercise. Most hamster wheel toys can be attached to the side of standard cages.

We would recommend choosing a hamster wheel made of steel as they are less likely to chew it!

Other Hamster Toys

There are endless types of hamster toys available in most pet shops. Slides, ledges, hangers and even more. With some imagination you can even make your own hamster toys. How about a maze of cardboard tubes that your hamster can wriggle through?

By buying your hamster toys, you will help it keep fit, healthy and active and also ensure it is stimulated. Whilst there are hundreds of hamster toys available in pet shops, you can even make your own!

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