Bringing Your New Hamster Home

New hamsters can be nervous. When your hamster first arrives home, ensure that it is not scared by people talking loudly or moving suddenly. Unless your new hamster shows sign of being friendly, leave your hamster alone for the first few days to settle in.

When you arrive home with your hamster, open the carrier carefully. You might find that the hamster has burrowed down into litter. Don't thrust your hand in suddenly as you may get nipped! Firstly let your hamster see the back of your hand. Then slide your hand gently but firmly around the hamster's shoulders, so that the hamster's head is in the palm facing towards your wrist.

Quickly place it in it's new cage which, of course, you should have prepared in advance. Ensure that the water bottle and feeding dish are both full, and then leave your hamster alone. You can observe from a distance. Remember that hamsters have sensitive nervous systems, so strange voices and sounds will be frightening.

Only once it seems as though your hamster has accepted it's new surroundings, should you start making contact and becoming friendly. It will probably make its bed, find a spot for its food hoard, and choose a corner as the toilet.

The next thing you might need to do is tame your hamster. Read our article on taming your pet hamster for more great tips and advice.

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