Cat Identification - Tags and Microchips

It is horrible when you realize that your cat has gone missing, so take the effort to identify your cats in case this happens - it will increase your chances of being re-united with your cat again.

Cat Identification Tags

Cat identification tags can be bought from most good pet shops, which you can easily fit to your cat's collar. The name of your cat and your phone number can be engraved or written on the tag. Many pet shops now have interactive machines that perform the engraving for you. This is so that should anyone find your cat, they can phone you with the good news!

Some cat owners have taken to having their own name on the tag rather than the name of the cat. This is to stop people calling your cat who have found out his/her name. You can also buy cat identification tags for collars that can be hand written onto.

Keep your cat safe by ensure you buy a tag with identification on it.

Cat Microchip Identification

An even safer way of identifying your cat is with a microchip. Cats cant lose their microchips as they are inserted under the cats skin (near to the neck) by a qualified vet or animal shelter. Thanks to modern technology, the chip will contain your details and the details of your pet cat. Electronic scanners are able to read this information, so that you, the owner, can be found should the cat be reported lost at a shelter or vets.

The microchips are unique and cannot be removed, and at around £20-£40 fitted, it is a small price to pay for the benefit that it offers. Remember that if you move house, you will have to have the microchip details changed which will also cost.

Many pet owners decide to go with both tag and microchip identification. This would mean that anyone who finds your cat will be able to give you a call before having to take it to the vets for the microchip to be read. As many cat owners know, their collars and tags often get lost - normally the pretty ones and the expensive ones!

Losing a pet at some stage can often be more traumatic than a pet death, as the 'not knowing' is a horrible time to go through. Cat microchips and cat identification tags help to prevent you from going through this.

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