Cat Stuck Up a Tree!

No matter how nimble and athletic cats are, they can sometimes gets stuck in situations where they just can't escape. The most common is a cat being stuck up a tree. This page gives you some great information and tips.

Why do cats get stuck up trees?

When a cat realises it does not know how to come down from a tree, they will often climb higher and higher - where the branches of the tree become thinner and thinner.

How to rescue a cat stuck up a tree

If you are going to try to get the cat down by using a ladder, remember that it will be frightened and may fall before you can reach it or the branch may break. Take great care and precautions if you use a ladder to rescue a cat from a tree!

Cats are well known for landing on all four paws, but from a tall tree, a fall can seriously injure a cat. They may suffer broken bones and internal injuries, especially if the surface they land on is hard.

Try and be prepared to 'break' the cat's fall and, before taking any radical action, get some help from your family or neighbours - you will need it!

It may be helpful to position a duvet or padded area, with a person holding each corner, as a safety net and, with luck, your cat will not suffer too much from its ordeal if it falls from the tree!

You must always try to remain calm throughout this procedure, as any shouted instructions will further panic the cat in the tree.

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