Catnip Toys

Catnip toys are the perfect playtime toys for your feline friend. With a scent that drives them wild it's sure to be just as much fun for you to watch as it is for your cat to go bananas over!

What are catnip toys?

Catnip toys are regular cat toys with a little extra something - catnip! It's a natural substance from plants that cats have an insane adoration for. Many catnip toys resemble mice which makes them double the treat.

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Here at Loving Your Pet, we've spent many an hour watching our cats go crazy with their catnip toys. In fact we seem to find a different one down the back of the sofa every week!

Advantages of catnip toys

Whilst cats love a good regular toy, nothing cat beat a catnip toy! So they add extra fun and addiction for your cat!

As many catnip toys are small in design, they are also nice and cheap. Totally worth the money for all the hours of fun for your cat (and you whilst you watch and laugh!)

If you aren't sure what catnip is, you can find out more in our introduction to catnip.

Catnip toys are amazing little things for cats. They will go crazy over them - guaranteed!

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