Cat Tunnels

Cats of all ages just love to play and have fun. Research has shown that kittens which play a lot have are more likely to be healthy in their later life. Play is important for cats regardless of age because it exercises their brains. Play also allows cats to have an outlet for their need to hunt. This can also remove any excess energy that they might have, so your cat will be calmer. When your cats are calm, they will exhibit less bad behaviour such as scratching. So what can you give your cats for their playtime? A cat tunnel of course!

Cat tunnels can be made from cardboard, fabric, or plastic. Regardless, your cat can have plenty of fun times going through them. Some tunnels have a crinkle section where the tunnel makes a fun sound when a cat passes through it.

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Cat tunnels are great to have, especially when you have kittens. If you have an older cat, they may need a little more encouragement to play in the tunnel. Provide them encouragement by a catnip toy or a cat wand. You may even consider using some of your cat's favourite toys.

With a cat tunnel, your cat will get the exercise it needs. The extra energy your cat has will be put to good use, and your cat will have improved levels of behaviour. The tunnels can also exercise the cat's brains while having fun at the same time - great stimulation.

Cat tunnels are especially great for house cats or indoor cats as they don't get to run around outside. Just imagine yourself as a cat, full of energy, staying will definitely get bored and would want to go out and find something else to do! The same goes with your pet cat.

The Ancol Combat Play Tunnel will keep your cat entertained and amused for hours on end. It will no doubt make you smile and laugh too! It's durable, has an attractive design and is the perfect tunnel for any cat. It can be as long as 1.3 meters when expanded so there's loads of room for cats to hide and run in.

It weighs 281 grams which is pretty light so it's easy to move around. It has a patterned outer shell and a soft fabric interior so that you can store it easily. We give the Ancol Combat Play Tunnel a big thumbs up - two of our cats, Mia and Luca spend hours playing in the tunnel every week!

To save some money, you can even make your own cat tunnel. You will need wire hangers, wire cutters, scissors, pliers, and a round mesh hanging shelf storage unit (normally used for storing clothes and shoes in).

Here's how to do it:

  • Straighten the wire hangers.
  • Cut the shelves from inside the hanging storage unit. Leave out half an inch of fabric at the edge. This will minimize you cutting a seam.
  • Run a straight wire along the vertical seam of the storage unit. After that insert the hanger to and from the holes of the mesh to hold it in place. The end of the hanger should be bent.
  • Run a wire on the opposite end of the storage just like you did with the first.
  • Spread the fabric across the length.

Whichever cat tunnel you chose, it's bound to be a hit with your feline friends. They are great for a cat's physical fitness and fantastic for mental stimulation! (They make a very funny sight too when you watch your cats playing in them!)

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