Choosing a cat bed

All cat owners know that kitties like their sleep. Whether it's next to the radiator, up on a bookshelf or down the back of the settee, our favourite felines just love to snooze the day away.

So when it comes to choosing a cat bed, you've got to be certain you're getting the perfect option for your puss. After all, they're going to be spending a vast percentage of the day snuggling down!

The right materials

The first thing to consider when buying a cat bed is that the material has to be able to stand up against some scratching. When settling down for a kip, cats love to dig their claws in and massage the bed, so loosely woven material isn't likely to last long.

Instead, go for strong base materials and a fluffy, soft finish which they can have a good play with before drifting off to sleep.

You should also choose a thick bed so your cat's sleeping form will be gently cushioned wherever they may be. Busy daily lives mean that they'll be moved around from time to time so whether it's wood floors or stone tiles, you need a bed that'll keep them cosy.

It's all about location

While we're on the topic of moving your cat's bed around, you might find yourself doing this a lot at first. Finding the perfect position for your cat to nap is a delicate job that they'll expect you to take very seriously.

So before you buy a new bed, have a think about where your cat likes to position themselves. It could be that they prefer the foot of your bed or they might like to rest on the windowsill. The latter will have an effect on the size of your cat's bed so make sure you take this into account.

Kitty caves

Do you have a moggy who values their own space? Felines that love to be tucked away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life will absolutely adore you for getting them a cat cave. These beds provide a cosy little protected den into which your kitty can crawl to spend some time alone. They're definitely the preferable option for shy cats.

Stylish finishes

If you're a fan of designer fixings, make sure your cat's bed follows suit. You can get funky animal print, plush pink finishes or even the odd diamante detail. Your cat won't mind as long as it's extra cosy, so you can have the last word on design.

Getting them used to it

A new bed can sometimes be a sticking point for your cat. Perhaps they're used to their old bed or maybe they just don't like that 'new bed' smell.

But don't panic, catnip can come to your rescue. You could arrange a couple of catnip toys or lightly spritz the mattress with a specially designed spray. This should have your cat snuggling up in their fabulous new bed in next to no time.

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