Choosing a Scratching Post

Every cat owner should have a scratching post in their home - scratching is one of a cat's basic instincts. To ensure you choose the right one, there are some considerations to make. This page help you to choose a scratching post so you end up with the purrrfect one!

Cats should be able to stretch their bodies fully when they use a scratching post, so it is best to choose a tall scratching post to allow them to do this. Some scratching posts allow your cat to scratch vertically, horizontally or at an angle. It is normally down to the cat's personal preference!

Choose a tall scratching post

To make sure your cat can use their full height, make sure you choose a tall scratching post. Anything around 25 to 30 inches tall should be just fine. A lot of scratching posts in the shops these days are a lot shorter. If your cat can't scratch at full stretch, they may end up using your sofa!

Choose a sturdy scratching post!

A cat can generate quite a lot of force when they scratch and stretch, so make sure you choose a scratching post with a sturdy base so that it doesn't wobble! If you don't have carpeted floor you might find that scratching posts will slide along the ground - in this case you can attach a bit of rubber to the underside for extra grip.

On the horizontal...

Some cats, through preference, simply won't like scratching on a vertical post and prefer to use a horizontal scratching pad or scratching box. You can buy these in the shops - they are normally made out of cardboard. You could also make your own with a sheet of plywood and some carpet - just fold the carpet edges around to the back of the plywood and tack or heavy-duty staple it down. Remember to check that the staples or tacks haven't come up through the wood and carpet where the cat cat get hurt.

Always remember that scratching is normal behaviour for a cat, and you should provide them with the equipment to do just that Make sure you choose the right scratching post for you feline friend!

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If a scratching post is going to take up too much room, a fantastic alternative is a scratching pad or scratching board is the perfect solution.

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