Chinchilla Cooling Slabs, Tiles, Mats and Pads

Keeping your pet chinchilla cool is a very important task as they can easily overheat!

Marble slabs (sometimes called tiles or pads) provide a brilliant surface on which your chinchilla can rest and cool down. Many chinchilla owners will place their chinchilla marble slab in the fridge before putting it into the cage. The chinchilla will no doubt appreciate the cool slab, especially in the summer. You will also be surprised how long the marble will keep cool!

Super Cool Chinchilla Marble Tiles, Pads and Slabs!

Marble slabs or tiles can normally be purchased in most pet shops. You may find variations on marble - granite also does a good job, so do terracotta flower pots.

Also be sensible in ensuring your chinchilla cage is away from direct sunlight and radiators.

Keeping your Chinchilla Cool

A chinchilla cooling marble is only one part of keeping your chinchilla cool. Remember to position your chinchilla cage somewhere that does not get direct sunlight and use air conditioning if possible. Think about how hot your house can get in the summer - it's probably even hotter for your chinchilla!

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