Chinchilla Cages

Choosing a Chinchilla Cage

A chinchilla cage is really the first piece of equipment you should purchase, as your chinchilla will be living in it! Your chinchilla must enjoy its' time in the cage as it will be spending most of its' time in there. So choose your chinchilla cage carefully...

The Bigger the Chinchilla Cage, the Better...

Chinchillas are very active little creatures and so need plenty of space to exercise in. We advise to buy the biggest chinchilla cage that you can reasonably afford, so long as it is not too big to fit where you want it to! The cage should have a number of levels if possible so your chinchilla can explore and run around. Chinchillas love to climb, so keep your eye out for a cage with a shelf and ladders!

What Sort of Chinchilla Cage Should I Choose?

Chinchillas love to chew, so ensure the cage is made of wire so they can't nibble their way out! A mesh cage will also be easier to clean, as wooden ones will become stained. REMEMBER! Chinchillas will probably destroy a wooden or plastic cage.

The floor can be lined with a wood base so it easier for the chinchillas to walk about, on top of which should be a lining of wood shavings.

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