Burns Dog Food

Burns dog food is said to be the real food for pets. You do not have to worry when you are letting your pooch eat Burns dog food because it is hypoallergenic; it can be an alternative to prescription diets. If your pet is sensitive, Burns dog food is the best option for them.

What is Burns dog food?

Burns food was developed by John Burns based on his homemade diet because he believed that the body should function as it should be naturally; unlike the medicinal treatments which alter the body's mechanism.

According to John Burns, the principal ingredients of his foods are made of whole grains and animal proteins which is how the diets of the dogs and cats should be when they are being domesticated. This is the traditional way of eating that is why Burns dog food caters to that.

So what are the benefits?

There are many benefits of Burns dog food. One of which is because John Burns is a veterinary surgeon which know his practice very well. Aside from this, he was able to achieve success in suggesting home cooked food for pets.

John Burns is aware that people are not prepared in cooking home cooked food for dogs and for that reason, Burns dog food was born. The company behind this is a multi-national corporation so you can be sure that each products has been researched to the highest level.

Why is Burns dog food so popular?

Burns is popular because the foods that they offer are an effective alternative to a prescription diet. Burns Nutrition Team has done a lot of research to back this claim. If you are aware of it, prescription foods target only a specific part of the body whereas Burns offer pet lovers benefits holistically.

There are also behaviour benefits from Burns Real Food. This is in fact recommended by trainers and behaviourists. When a pet has a good diet, hyperactivity is reduced and good behaviour is improved.

With Burns Real Food, you may actually be able to save money because the daily feeding amount is less than the other foods and the food is highly digestible.

Another thing that makes Burns Real Food stand out from the rest is that they have dedicated team of experts who can give advice for those who call the free helpline. You just have to dial 0800 083 66 96.

Last but not least, Burns Real Food practices fairness and environmental awareness as well as animal welfare. All of Burns Real Food promotes holistic benefits to whether dogs or cats. Some of their products are listed below:

  1. They offer puppy food which is also good for those who are pregnant and nursing dogs. Underweight dogs can also eat this type of food.
  2. Adult dog food maintenance diet is complete and hypoallergenic. There are various flavours such as Chicken and Brown Rice, Lamb and Brown Rice, Fish and Brown Rice, Duck and Brown Rice, Venison and Brown Rice, Pork and Potato, Chicken and Maize, Lamb and Maize, Fish and Maize, Organic, and High Oats.
  3. For assistance dogs, Burns Real Food offer Canine Alert Chicken & Brown Rice, and Canine Alert Lamb & Brown Rice.
  4. Other products are cat foods, treats, and moist food.

There is a reason why Burns Real Food is so popular today. We hope this has helped you make a decision about Burns dog food!

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