Camping with a Dog

Most dogs absolutely love the great outdoors. If you have not yet tried taking your dog camping with you, then you are missing out! Your dog is bound to have a whale of a time on a camping holiday.

Before you go camping with your dog, make sure you do your research first. Always ensure the campsite you choose is a dog friendly one and find out if there are any dog-related restrictions in place. Check if there are any vaccination certifications that you should take with you, which can often be the case if you take your dog camping abroad. Check if the campgrounds regularly spray against mosquitoes and ticks.

Now that you have a place to go camping with your dog, you have to pack the things that both of you need. Decide on the tent that you are going to use, be ready for a rainy day and make sure you have both your own supplies and your dog's supplies! Preparation for the camping trip will help to ensure it goes smoothly for you and your pooch.

When at the campsite, your dog will no doubt get curious with the things that he is seeing, hearing, and smelling. Whether it's sheep in the adjacent field, sausages on a barbecue or kids playing football. It's always important to keep your dog under control so as not to upset other campers and their space.

Make sure you remember to bring your dog's toys, bed, collar, lead, bowls, food and other essentials. It's pretty easy to forget the minor details during the excitement of going on holiday! Our quick guide to camping accessories for dogs is a great place to start.

As a courtesy or others, bring lots of poop bags so that you can scoop up your dog's poop. Some campsites are strict on the rule and can evict for non-compliance. Other camping sites have banned the entry of dogs due to the negligence of some owners. You do not want to step on a poop so always clean up after your dog in consideration to others.

It is expected that your dog has basic manners. Your dog must know not to jump at people, and not to be barking at strangers. Your dog must also respond when being called. To avoid your dog from getting lost, do not leave it alone inside the tent. Always make sure that you can see your dog. Water is very important for your pet so make sure he is always hydrated. Keep your dog on leash all the time to prevent it from chasing other animals on the campsite.

Camping is much more affordable than staying in a hotel. Some hotels do not allow dogs or they have an extra charge. It is cheaper because you are not paying for an expensive hotel room. You can bring and cook your own food on a campsite which can enable you to save a lot compared to hotel restaurants which are very expensive!

Camping with your dog is great fun and should make for a holiday to remember. Just ensure you do your research, pack your dog's belongings and make sure pooch behaves once you are there!

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