Dog Grooming Combs

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A dog grooming comb is an essential part of any canine grooming kit. Dog combs help to remove debris, knots and tangles in a dog's coat whilst also leaving it looking smart and healthy.

There's a huge range of dog grooming combs to choose from and you'll need to thing about a few things when you buy one.

How much are dog grooming combs?

Firstly you'll need to think about your budget. There's cheap dog combs and far more expensive ones, depending on the brand, material, type of comb and it's features. Whilst some dog grooming combs can be only a few pounds, some other will set you back far more.

How do I find the best canine comb?

Perhaps more importantly, you should think about quality more than price. It's important that the grooming comb does what it is meant to. Grooming your dog's coat is an important ritual and goes a long way to ensuring their skin and fur is healthy.

To help you choose the best grooming comb, do some simple research. It's easy to get a feel for the most popular brands by looking what are on the high street shelves and finding the best sellers on websites like Amazon.

Buying tips

It's useful to buy a groombing comb that has different 'teeth' spacing along it's length. For example, the Wahl Smartgroom Pet Grooming Comb in Stainless Steel has wide teeth at one end and narrow teeth at the other. This helps to remove knots and tangles from coarse or fine hair. Stainless steel dog grooming combs are really durable too.

You may use the grooming comb quite a lot so it must be comfortable for both you and your dog. Many grooming combs have 'soft grip' rubber handles like the Mikki Grooming Dual Comb.

Perhaps the most popular dog combs are made by brands like Wahl, Trixie, Furminator and Mikki. A lot of dog combs, however, aren't made by these well known brands. That doesn't mean they are of a lesser quality. If you are shopping online, check what combs have had the best reviews.

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