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Dog boots are a fantastic way of protecting your dog's feet from the elements. They are becoming more and more popular for a wide range of reasons. Here's a quick introduction.

Dog boots are becoming a more and more popular accessory for dog owners. They can be of great benefit for dogs in a number of ways:

  • Dog boots help to protect injured or sore feet
  • Dog boots help prevent scratching, rubbing or dragging of an elderly dog's feet
  • Dog boots can protect bandages and dressing if your dog is recovering from injury or illness.
  • Dog boots add extra protection for dogs that walk in uneven or rocky surroundings.

Dog boots can really help your dog to be comfortable, healthy and happy. Here's a selection of dog boots that are available on Amazon.

Cold and wintery conditions

Dog boots are a fantastic accessory for those cold winters, especially when there is snow on the ground. Many dogs get very cold and wet feet when they go for a winter walk. Dog boots will help prevent this by protecting their feet and pads from the elements.

If there's thick snow, it's impossible to know what it is covering. Quite often a dog will unwittingly tread on a stone or sharp object that is covered by the snow. A dog boot will help ensure this isn't too much of a problem.

Many dogs are also allergic to or are irritated by the rock salt that is used on icy roads and pavements. Dog boots will also ensure this won't be a worry.

Bandages and dressings

If your dog has recently had problems with it's feet, it may have had an operation or medical attention from a vet. It's not uncommon for a dog to come away with bandages or dressings on it's lower leg or paw.

By using dog boots, the bandage will be protected from the outdoors too, ensuring it does't come off easily and protects the area it should be.

Preventing interference

Many dog owners choose to buy dog boots if their dog has a minor cut or scrape on their paws or pads. A dog will most likely spend a lot of time nibbling and licking it, in an attempt to help it heal.

Unknowingly, your dog could make things worse by doing this. Dog boots are useful in this situation too, by covering the irritating area and allowing it some time to heal. Always be sure to ask your vet whether or not dog boots will help if this is the case.

Long and wild walks

Most dog owners know that a dog can easily cut it's paws whilst running on the beach, climbing over stones or bounding through fields. Any active dog, especially one that likes to be in spiky or uneven areas will no doubt benefit from dog boots also.

Remember that dogs can also suffer from blisters on long walks too!

Old age

Elderly dogs can suffer from stiff joints, arthritis and poor mobility. Many dog boots have slightly padded soles which helps reduce the impact on your dog's joint with every stride it takes. As they also have outer soles, they provide more grip which also helps mobility.

Getting your dog used to it's new boots!

It's important to introduce dog boots slowly, so your canine pal can get used to them first. If you think your dog might be apprehensive about the boots, you can always leave them nearby so they can have a good old sniff of them first.

It's also a good idea to let you dog wear the boots around the house first. This will help you observe your dog's likes or dislikes to the boots before venturing outside.

It's sometimes easier to slip your dog's new boots on when he or she is relaxed - maybe lying down and fully chilled out! Don't draw attention to the boots once they are on. It can often be a good idea to feed your dog once the boots are on, so your dog can perform part of it's regular routine whilst not thinking too much about the new footwear.

Make sure the boots are fitted snugly but not too tight. It's vitally important they don't 'slip' when your dog is walking.

Dog boots are a great way to help protect your dog's paws from the big wide world. Whether it's because of old age, freezing weather or for uneven conditions.

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