Taking Your Dog Up Snowdon!

Many keen mountain-goers take their dogs up with them. This is what we did when we climbed Snowdon in June 2010. Before going, we were keen to read about other people's experiences of taking their dogs up a mountain. However, we couldn't find much on the internet! So we thought we would put our own article together for you.


Ensure you make all of the normal preparations for any other mountain climb. On top this, we made a number of preparations for our dog, Rosie, to get up Snowdon with us. The extra items we took were:

  • A spare (short) lead - in case of problems with Rosie's extendible lead
  • A spare harness - in case we had problems with the usual harness
  • A dog coat - for extra dog warmth!
  • Two of our own fleeces - to ensure Rosie could be wrapped up even further if necessary
  • Plenty of water - (in addition to our own!), for obvious reasons
  • Plenty of food and treats - for Rosie's hunger, and treats to help keep her excited!

Walking on Snowdon with Your Dog

Dogs are allowed on footpaths, so providing you stick to the paths, you aren't breaking any rules. We would recommend keeping your dog on a lead if they are susceptible to an inquisitive stroll away from the path! There are a lot of sheep on Snowdon, which should not be disturbed, especially during lambing season.

There are a lot of steep drops on Snowdon, uneven ground, rocky outcrops and hazards. Take extra care with your dog over these sections.

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