Guinea Pig Hides

To keep pets happy and healthy, it's good to let them follow their natural instincts as much as possible. Guinea pig hides let your small furry friends do just that!

What is a guinea pig hide?

Guinea pig hides are small structures that give your guinea pig a dry, safe place to rest and sleep while hidden from view. A guinea pig hide house can be used within an enclosure, run, pen or large cage. A guinea pig wooden hide will often have features such as a lockable door, a hinged roof, and a ramp.

While many hides are made of wood, you can also buy guinea pig hide houses made from fabric, metal or plastic. Some are even edible! The Rosewood Naturals Carrot Cottage Guinea Pig House has walls made from card coated with meadow hay, and a tasty roof made from dried carrot! It's delicious and eco-friendly.

Why do guinea pigs hide?

Guinea pigs like to hide because this is a natural behaviour for them in the wild. Their survival instinct is to hide away in a safe, concealed place when they want to sleep or rest, as this is when they're most vulnerable. This is a behaviour shared by many small animals and rodents.

They also hide when they're startled, or they feel threatened or unsure. This means they may try to hide when you try to take them out of their cage, or even just when you get close.

Choosing the right guinea pig hide

Reading reviews reveals what owners (are Gertie and Gilbert) think of the guinea pig hides they've purchased. If their hide required assembly, how easy was it? Has it stood the test of time?

Before you choose a guinea pig hide, consider:

Practicality and durability

Think about where Gertie's guinea pig hide will be placed and how big she is. Measure the area intended for the guinea pig hide to see which models will fit the space.

For a larger guinea pig, or friends that tend to hide together, a rabbit hide might be a good option. Ensure the access points of the model you choose won't be blocked when it's in situ. If you intend to place the hide outside, check it's suitable for outdoor use.

Choose a good quality hide that will last.

Style, materials and colour

Fabric guinea pig hides aren't usually suitable for outdoor use, but there's a wide choice of designs and colours. This includes tent-style guinea pig hides and houses that look like fruit or vegetables! If you want a fun fabric guinea pig hide, you may like this Small Animal Strawberry Nest.

Most guinea pig hides are made from wood, with a natural finish, but you can also buy seagrass or wicker guinea pig houses, and plastic guinea pig hides in a variety of colours.

Some have one door, and some two. Others have tunnel entrances. There's plenty of choice!

Our choice for best guinea pig hide

We chose the bestselling Ferplast Wooden Guinea Pig Hide as our best guinea pig hide for its style, practicality and price. This small, sturdy house slots together easily and has several ventilation holes, helping to keep the air inside fresh. It's also made for sustainable wood.

The small size is ideally suited for a single guinea pig that likes their own space, but if you want space for more than one piggy (or if they're on the large side!), you'll need the next size up. It's available at a fantastic price on Amazon right now and includes free delivery.

Reviewers love how strong this guinea pig hide is and how easy it is to assemble, without the need for glue, screws or nails.

Frequently asked questions

Why is my guinea pig always hiding?

Guinea pigs are used to being prey. That means they're easily startled and may view any loud noise or sudden movement as a threat and react instinctively - by hiding. If you have a new guinea pig, they may take a while to settle in before becoming bolder.

To encourage your guinea pig to be a little braver, spend time with them and try handfeeding them treats. Avoid putting their home in a busy, noisy part of the house where people will be constantly passing close by.

Can I make my own guinea pig hide?

Yes, providing you ensure you use pet-safe materials and paints. have several designs for building small animal or guinea pig homes, including this simple DIY Guinea Pig House that can be made out of strong cardboard boxes and another Guinea Pig House that can be 3D printed!

How many hides should my guinea pigs have?

Even if your piggies tend to run and hide together, they should all have at least one hide each. This is so that if they're feeling threatened by one of their companions or needing time alone, they have their own space.

Ready to buy a guinea pig hide?

To view a wide selection of available guinea pig hides and read a good range of reviews, go to Amazon and search for 'guinea pig hide'. This will help you find the perfect hide for you, your piggies and your home. You can buy your guinea pig hide from Amazon, online pet care retailers, and pet stores such as Pets at Home.

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