Caring For Your Rabbit In Summer

This article looks at the points a responsible rabbit owner will need to take into consideration during the summer months. Rabbits may look like tough little cookies, but without the right care during the hot season, they could become ill.

  • At the beginning of the summer, check the integrity of your rabbit run. It could have rotted during the wet months, and it's not very flattering chasing your bunny down the garden!
  • Buy some mesh or other type of fly screen. This is to help avoid rabbit fly strike or other mites developing.
  • If you leave uneaten food in the hutch, it will rot quickly and attract flies and other unwanted visitors.
  • It is always very important to ensure that your rabbit has enough clean fresh water. Check the water as if it is in the sun the water could become quite warm and undrinkable.
  • Towards the end of the summer, give the hutch a good scrub. Much better to do it now then later on when the weather turns nasty!
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise - your bunny will be cooped up for most of the winter so let them enjoy the good weather.
  • Make sure that you rabbit has plenty of fresh vegetables as they will need their strength for the coming winter months.
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