Double Rabbit Hutches

Whether you want to give your rabbit more space or you need a hutch for two rabbits, a double rabbit hutch is the perfect solution.

Double rabbit hutches or 'double decker rabbit hutches' are more spacious and luxurious than a single rabbit hutch. A double rabbit hutch normally features two levels, one on top of the other. Each level will often have two compartments and can be optionally joined by a rabbit ramp.

We've picked out a few examples of double rabbit hutches that are available to buy on Amazon. These are shown below.

Choosing a double rabbit hutch shouldn't be too difficult, especially if you follow our tips on choosing a rabbit hutch.

A double rabbit hutch will often make cleaning the hutch much easier. You've got the option to temporarily confine your rabbit or rabbits to one level whilst you get to work cleaning the other level.

Different double decker hutches have different layouts when it comes to doors. Whether it's a door on both levels a the front, or additional doors at the sides, there's plenty of arrangements to ponder. Just choose what's best for you.

Virtually all double level rabbit hutches will have a roof on hinges, making it easy to open whenever you need access.

A double rabbit hutch is both practical and spacious. We give them the thumbs up!

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