Caring For Your Rabbit In Winter

This article will give you an insight into the points you need to consider in winter to make sure you are giving your rabbit the right care. Winter throughout the world can be a harsh and biting time. Whilst your rabbit does have a thick coat, he will need support if he is going to stay outside.

  • You will need to get to your pet so make sure that you can safely get to the hutch. If your path is blocked by slippery leaves or is at the bottom of a snow filled garden then you are unable to guarantee the safety of your bunny.
  • Give your rabbit additional bedding. Add some extra rabbit bedding straw to the hutch.
  • When you are cleaning out your bunny in winter make sure that they are kept somewhere safe and secure. In the summer months it is easy to pop them in a run, this however may not be possible in winter.
  • The water bottle freezes! You will need to check this on a daily basis. Often it is best to check in the morning after a cold night, however on harsher days, we at would recommend that you check at least twice per day. You can buy protectors for the bottle, to stop the water freezing. Do not be tempted to add salt to the water bottle to lower the freezing point, this could be fatal to your rabbit!
  • Make sure that the cage itself stays dry. You may have rain-proofed the cage but remember that snow blows around and can blow through the door of the cage and make your poor bunny very uncomfortable. You may be able to buy a storm flap to guard against this.
  • Finally, rabbits like their routine. If you feed them in the evening, keep to this. Often people are tempted to give their bunnies Christmas treats. This messes with their routine and could mess with their stomachs. Not a pretty sight!

To keep their rabbit away from the cold weather outside, many pet owners will move their hutch into the house. This will give them additional shelter and warmth during the winter. If you plan to do this, and let your rabbit explore freely, it's a good idea to rabbit proof your house first!

Many rabbit owners use a microwaveable heat pad inside their rabbit's hutch, tucked under their bedding. For more information, read about the SnuggleSafe Heat Pad.

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