Collapsible Dog Bowls

Just like you, your dog needs to be fed and watered when you visit family or friends, go on a day trip or go away on holiday. Even if you just set off on a long walk, your dog will need water, especially on a warm day - they can dehydrate very quickly. The solution? Collapsible dog bowls!

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What are collapsible dog bowls?

Collapsible dog bowls are probably the handiest pet travel accessories you'll ever purchase. They're lightweight and, as the name suggests, they collapse, i.e., they fold flat to take up minimum space. This makes them very convenient to pack and transport when you're travelling, especially if space is limited. They're also easy to carry in a rucksack or picnic bag when you're out adventuring with Fido. You can even pack separate collapsible dog bowls for eating and drinking.

They may be lightweight, but collapsible dog food bowls are sturdy once they're opened up, so they can withstand the onslaught of even the hungriest dog. Usually made of silicone, they're designed to be non-slip, so you won't need to worry about your collapsible dog water bowl causing a tidal wave in Auntie Joan's kitchen!

Choosing a collapsible dog bowl


As with all pet accessories, not all collapsible dog bowls are created equal, and some have extra features. If you're an active dog owner, often out for long walks or camping weekends with your dog, then a bowl with a clip to attach it to a lead, belt or bag is an ideal collapsible dog bowl for hiking. You might also like a collapsible dog bowl with a travel case, or one with a lid, so that you can fill Fido's bowl with food or water before you set out and save space in your rucksack.

You'll find most collapsible dog bowls are dishwasher safe; not that useful a feature when you're halfway up a mountain, but a handy time and effort saver when you get home! They're also available in a range of colour choices, including black, grey, blue, pink and red, so you can choose one to match your dog's lead or coat etc., or just opt for one in your favourite colour.

Bowl size and pack size

Choose a collapsible dog bowl that's right for your dog's size, appetite and flexibility. Most bowls are available in a range of sizes, from extra small to extra large; some are raised and others have especially tall sides.

Some bowls are also available in packs of two or three. They're ideal if you want separate food and water bowls, have more than one dog, or want a second bowl to use when the first is in the dishwasher.

Eco-friendly collapsible dog bowls

If sustainability is important to you, some collapsible dog bowls are environmentally friendly, made from eco-friendly materials and processes, and guaranteed to biodegrade safely when they're disposed of.

Research brands and read reviews

Collapsible dog bowls are increasingly popular, so there are plenty of brands to choose from, including Bonza, 3 Peaks and Bamboo. Read reviews of your shortlisted bowls to see what purchasers (and their dogs!) really think of their durability, portability, and ease of use.

Our favourite

Our favourite bestselling collapsible dog bowl is the Bonza Collapsible Dog Bowl for medium to large pets, and that's not just because it looks good (and it really does!). There's nothing flimsy or temporary-looking about this smart navy-blue bowl: it's super-sturdy, but still very lightweight. Reviewers love how easy it is to pop open - and that it stays open and rigid when even the most determined dog is snuffling around in it!

  • Available in two sizes: Large (holds 1.2 litres) and extra-large (holds 1.6 litres, and is suitable for two dogs to share)
  • 100% BPA free for your dog's safety
  • Comes with water-bottle holder attachment and carabiner clip
  • Non-slip and dishwasher safe for maximum cleanliness and convenience

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy a collapsible dog bowl?

Collapsible dog bowls are an increasingly popular item and available in many pet and homeware stores, including Pets at Home and B&M. They're also available from online pet shops and retailers, such as Amazon.

What size shall I choose?

Check the product information supplied by the manufacturer. This will usually tell you the maximum volume or weight that the bowl can hold or give guidance on which breeds or sizes of dog the bowl is suitable for. Some collapsible dog bowls come in small, medium or large, so if you're looking online, do check you've selected the right size option before looking at the specific size information.

As these bowls fold and stow away so neatly, whatever their size, go for a larger size if you're in any doubt. Better to have more capacity than not enough!

Ready to buy a collapsible dog bowl?

The best way to find the ideal collapsible dog bowl for your pooch is to search for collapsible dog bowls on Amazon. There, you can check out a huge range of bowls and read reviews from your fellow dog owners to find out if they're really as good as they sound, helping you narrow down your shortlist and choose the perfect bowl.

Happy adventuring!

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