Dog Grooming Equipment

As a dog owner, it's important that they ar groomed whenever necessary. Whether you take your dog to a professional groomer, or you do it yourself, it's important to know what pieces of equipment might be used.

Here's a quick introduction to the important pieces of dog grooming equipment.

Furminators and Deshedding Tools

Dog de-shedding tools helps to drastically reduce shedding from a dog's coat. Dog de-shedding tools, often known as 'Furminators', guarantee to reduce shedding much more than regular combs and brushes.

Check out our review of the FURminator dog de-shedding tool.

Dog Brushes

A vital part of any dog grooming kit, a dog grooming brush will help clean and straighten your dog's coat whilst also removing excess hair. Perhaps the most basic of all grooming methods, but the most important, a good dog brush is worth it's weight in gold. Get your bristles into our dog brushes page.

Dog Combs

Dog grooming combs are normally made from stainless steel and are used to straighten a dog's coat whilst removing tangles and knots. A dog comb is an essential piece of grooming equipment and goes a long way to ensure a dog's coat looks perfect and sleek. Find out more about dog grooming combs.

Dog Grooming Gloves

A grooming glove gives a dog a massage and removes loose hairs at the same time. These cleverly designed gloves are a popular piece of dog grooming equipment and particularly suitable for shy or sensitive dogs. The soft rubber surface really leaves a dog relaxed and in tip top shape.

Find out more about dog grooming gloves.

Dog Grooming Sprays and Deodorisers

Dog grooming sprays and deodorisers help to reduce odours in your dog's coat and keep it looking heathy and shiny for longer. Some dog grooming sprays are scented for a lovely smelling coat and others even help to untangle fur.

Dog Shampoos and Conditioners

A very important part of any dog grooming kit is dog shampoo and conditioners. With a huge range of dog-specific brands to choose from, shampoo helps to clean a dogs coat and keep their fur healthy. Dog conditioner will round off any grooming routine by ensuring their coat is super-soft. Check out our introduction to dog shampoos.

Electric Trimmers and Clippers

Electric trimmers or electric clippers are what you'll need to trim your dog's fur. A key part of any dog grooming kit, dog clippers are usually mains operated or run on batteries. Dog clippers usually come with adjustable heads so you can trim your dog's hair at the length you wish.

Check out our favourite range of dog clippers and trimmers.

Grooming Tables

Perhaps only necessary for dog grooming businesses or homes with lots of dogs, a dog grooming table helps to make any grooming task much easier. With clever features like folding for storage, non-slip table top surfaces and adjustable heights, dog grooming tables are a fantastic accessory for any regular dog groomer.


Dog grooming scissors are used to give your dog a hair cut! Scissors will offer less speed but more precision when cutting a dog's coat. Grooming scissors help you snip fur in those hard to reach places and should be part of any dog grooming kit.


A dog hairdryer is the perfect piece of equipment to dry off any freshly washed pooch. Most dog hairdryers come with variable heat settings and a clever stand for 'hands-free' drying. Read our review of the popular Wahl dog hairdryer.

Nail and Claw Scissors and Clippers

From tim to time, a dog's claws will need clipping. If you are planning on doing this yourself, you'll need a specialist dog claw clipper or dog nail trimmer. An important piece of grooming equipment, there's a huge choice of claw clippers to choose from.

Lint, Hair and Dander Removers

Lint rollers or 'removers' help to remove lint, dog hair and dander from surfaces, fabrics and clothes. A perfect way to help clean up after a messy dog grooming routine.

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