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Your dog's all washed, dried and positively glowing! Then they have a fight with a bush, a dusty pathway or a puddle and you're straight back to a mucky and muddy square one. Instead of having to dunk your pooch back in the bath, you need a reliable grooming brush or two to fall back on. Let your pet dry off, tackle the matted hair with the right brush and most dirt should just come right out.

But because our canine pals are so many and varied, there are plenty of brushes to choose from depending on the length and thickness of your hound's hair. It's important to choose the right one for your dog's comfort and the easiest route to a smooth coat.

Long and curly

If your little pal has a long, wavy coat, you'll need to take a very gentle approach as pulls can be painful. Ball pins (rather than nylon bristles) are the best choice if you're dealing with long locks. A flexible base for the pins is a must as it'll bend and move as you brush your dog. Easy grip handles are a good idea for those of us with a long job ahead.

When brushing, if you find any stubborn knots or tangles, separate out the hair and brush against the direction of growth, always being as gentle as possible.

Short and/or wiry

If your dog has a very short smooth or wiry coat, you won't experience so many tangling problems. But you still need to groom their coat to keep it healthy and shiny.

You should pick a dog brush with nylon bristles. These are great for stimulating the production of natural oils from the skin to keep your dog's coat looking super-shiny. They will also act like a magnet for any loose hairs, trapping them in the bristles.

Double-sided brushes

Of course the clever brains have catered for pups that sit somewhere in the middle. Their hair isn't really short but equally it's not long and flowing. In these cases, you can find good quality double-sided brushes with ball pins on one side that deal with tangles. The other side is loaded with the nylon bristles.

Bath brushes

Another clever little invention, the bath brush is great for getting deep into your dog's coat and distributing shampoo as you go. Your dog is certain to enjoy the deep clean too!

Grooming mitts

These are really handy (haha) brushes as they slip onto your mitt so you can brush your pet while you pet your pet! They'll love the sensation of being patted while you detangle and shine up their coat.

These usually come in a waterproof material (and a range of colours) so you can use it in to work shampoo in just as with a bath brush. Use it in a circular motion to work out those natural oils and keep your pup's coat shimmering. Grooming mitts are particularly useful for pets who tend to rally against the idea of brushes.

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Bear your pet's personality in mind as well as the length of their coat and you won't go wrong when buying a dog grooming brush.

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