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Leonberger Introduction

Leonbergers are a very large breed of dog. The name 'Leonberger' comes from Germany - it is believed that Leonbergers were bred to resemble the lion of the Leonberg town crest!

The leonberger is a strong, striking and intelligent looking dog. The Leonberger breed is quite rare, but becoming more and more popular. They have a medium temperament and normally have a black mask. Since Leonbergers become very large, is it normally a good idea to start training early - a badly behaved Leonberger fully grown is quite a handful!

The average male Leonberger weight between 140 to 150lbs (which is 63 to 68kg). The average female weights around 130lbs (which is 58kg). As you can see, they really are big dogs!

A Bit Of Leonberger History...

The Leonberger breed almost completely died out during World War I when their breeders fled or were killed. The few Leonbergers that remained were bred to increase numbers, but nearly all died out again during World War II. Most Leonbergers today can be traced to just a handful that survived the plight of World War II. Leonbergers have been praised historically for their hard working aptitude, and have made great working farm dogs.

Leonberger Care

Leonbergers require grooming, especially in their undercoat - once a week should be enough. Remember that Leonbergers shed a lot of hair, so a good hoover around the house may often be needed! Brushing and combing is recommended during the Leonberger's moult. Leonbergers are good with people including children, and it is imperative to have them properly trained. Leonbergers are loyal, relaxed and fairly easy going. They tend to socialise with other pets well, when introduced properly.

45 minutes to an hour of exercise is recommended for Leonbergers. The more exercise the better to increase stimulation, physical fitness and happiness. Try reading our dog exercise tips.

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