Dalmatian Facts

Facts and Information on Dalmatian

On this page you will find some carefully compiled Dalmatian facts. Use them to find out more about Dalmatians or just to impress your canine-loving friends! So here goes...

  • The popularity of Dalmatians rocketed after the famous book (and later film) '101 Dalmatians'
  • Dalmatians may have originally been bred to run alongside horse drawn carriages
  • Dalmatians make great watchdogs
  • It is thought that the Dalmatian originated from Dalmatia, in Croatia
  • Dalmatians will live around 10 to 12 years, and weight on average 55lbs
  • Dalmatian puppies are born totally white, and their spots normally appear two weeks later!
  • Around 10% of Dalmatians are born deaf
  • Dalmatians are normally good swimmers and love to play in water
  • Dalmatians are loving, playful and energetic - they could run for hours given the chance!

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