Labrador Facts

Facts and Information on Labrador Retrievers

On this page you will find some carefully compiled Labrador facts. Use them to find out more about Labradors or just to impress your canine-loving friends! So here they are...

  • Labradors are actually a kind of retriever which is a type of gun dog
  • The Labrador originates from Canada and was bred in the first place to hunt small game
  • The coat of Labradors is normally a shade of brown, gold or black
  • Labradors are very friendly and sociable dogs, and normally very good fun to be with!
  • Labradors are normally the first choice for leading blind people, and are often used in therapy because of their calm and gentle nature
  • The Labrador is the world's most popular breed of dog
  • A litter of Labradors is typically 6 in size. Ahhh!
  • Labradors love to swim, and can normally swim when they are only 5 weeks old!
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