Beagle Facts

Facts and Information on Beagles

On this page you will find some carefully compiled Beagle facts. Use them to find out more about Beagles or just to impress your canine-loving friends! So here goes...

  • Beagles were originally bred in England to hunt hares and rabbits
  • Beagles are famous for their long, wide ears
  • Beagles have an extraordinary ability to pick up on unusual scents
  • Male Beagles will grow to an average of 14-16 inches tall. Females will grow to around 13-15 inches
  • Beagles will live around 12-15 years, and weigh around 20-25 pounds on average
  • Beagles normally have a short or medium coat which doesn't require huge maintenance
  • Beagles are very energetic! They are curious, intrepid and social
  • Beagles travel well and adapt to new surroundings and experiences relatively easily
  • Beagles most commonly have tri-color coats, made up of brown, black and white
  • Beagles are good family pets and are usually more than happy to play with children
  • The black areas on Beagles will often turn brown after a few months. A lot of older Beagles may lose their black!

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