Luxury Rabbit Hutches

Rabbits are naturally active animals, designed to dig burrows and scamper, hop and stretch in the fresh air. This means that your beautiful bunny will be miserable and unhealthy if they're confined to a small hutch, with no room to do anything but sit or shuffle, for any length of time. That's why luxury rabbit hutches are ideal for your rabbit.

What is a luxury rabbit hutch?

A luxury rabbit hutch will have more space for your rabbit to move around and live in, which may include an extra level, a run, a ramp and a snug, enclosed sleeping area. They're usually constructed of strong, solid materials, and many of them look much like a child's playhouse because they're so well-made!

Of course, these hutches will often be pricier than your standard plywood rabbit hutch with chicken wire. But these cheaper hutches tend to be only as deep as your rabbit is long, with just enough room for your rabbit to shuffle sideways - and they may be badly insulated and poorly made. That's why bigger, better-made hutches are worth every penny.

Why does my bunny need a luxury rabbit hutch?

Just like us, rabbits need exercise and fresh air to stay healthy. But gardens can be full of dangers for rabbits. Not only is there a risk from predators like cats, foxes and birds of prey, but from plants, too. Rabbits may be herbivores, but many of your garden plants will be poisonous to them. Anything grown from a bulb, such as snowdrops, hyacinths, bluebells and tulips, are toxic to them, as are buttercups, primroses and a host of other common garden plants. Rabbits raised in captivity have no older warren members to teach them what's safe to eat, so you need to constantly supervise your rabbit while they're outside, making sure they're not eating anything they shouldn't - or in danger from other animals.

An outdoor luxury rabbit hutch is a great way to keep your rabbit safe while giving them fresh air and room to move about. But which one should you buy? A 4 foot or 5 foot hutch? A luxury rabbit hutch with a 6 foot run to the side, or a luxury double rabbit hutch with a run underneath? There's plenty of choice, so we've provided some tips to help you make a shortlist!

Choosing the right luxury rabbit hutch

Luxury rabbit hutches are available from companies including leading brands like Chartwell, Balmoral, Kendal, FeelGood, VivaPet and Bunny Business. To choose the right hutch for your rabbit(s), read plenty of rabbit hutch reviews to find out what other bunny owners think, and consider:


How many rabbits do you have, and how big are they? How much space do you have in your garden?


Pick one that's of sturdy construction. You want your investment to last.


Which features are important to you? Think about sleeping spaces, length and position of run, ease of cleaning, included accessories etc.

Our Favourite Bestseller: 6ft Chartwell Luxury Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

We think the best luxury rabbit hutch is the 6ft Chartwell Luxury Outdoor Rabbit Hutch. It's made by family-run company Chartwell, the only company to manufacture hutches in Britain, making it a greener choice. It's also available at a great price, with free delivery.

Top features:

  • Spacious, with plenty of headroom
  • Strong, fox-proof wire to keep your rabbit safe and to hold bottles
  • Snug sleeping area
  • Sturdy timber construction
  • Hinged door and removeable kickboard for easy access and cleaning
  • Sloped roof and treated timber to keep hutch weatherproof
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

It's also available at a great price, with free delivery.

Luxury Rabbit Hutches: Frequently Asked Questions

What size hutch should I buy for my rabbit?

For maximum comfort, bigger is better, but available space and the other activities your garden has to accommodate will be important factors.

How do I build my rabbit hutch?

Carefully! Take your time, follow the instructions, and ring the company helpline if you get into difficulties.

Where can I buy a luxury rabbit hutch?

Luxury rabbit hutches are available from pet superstores like Pets at Home and online pet shops and retailers such as Amazon.

To narrow your search for the perfect hutch, search for luxury rabbit hutches on Amazon to see a range of reviews and photographs of hutches in situ. Whichever one you choose, your rabbit will be happier and healthier with more room to move!

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