British Shorthair Breed

These are the 'gentle giants' of the cat world: easy going, even-tempered and sweet-natured. They like nothing better than to curl up in a warm place and sleep!

They are solid, chunky looking cats, similar in personality to the Persian and are available in just as many coat colours and patterns.

While some of the newer colours and patterns have been genetically engineered, the breed in general is thought to have developed from the indigenous cat of Great Britain.

Pros and Cons to the British Shorthair Breed

Plus Points

  • Sweet-natured and even-tempered
  • Short-coated and do not shed too much fur
  • Generally undemanding
  • Quiet voiced
  • Do not very much mind being left alone
  • Often happy to be a sole cat
  • Playful as kittens, but generally much less so as adults

Minus Points

  • The short coat is thick and dense, requiring regular daily grooming
  • Can tend towards gluttony and thus, obesity; keep an eye on their diet
  • Tend to be lazy
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