Burmese Breed

These plain or tortoiseshell-coated shorthair cats may not immediately look as 'pedigree' as their Siamese cousins, but their incredible has ensured a firm following among cat lovers.

They are not usually so vocal as the Siamese; while they do 'speak', they tend to be like well-behaved children and speak when they are spoken to and rarely initiate a conversation! They are great characters and will love their owners with an almost dog-like devotion; which can be taxing on your time.

Pros and Cons to the Burmese Breed

Plus Points

  • Easy to groom and care for
  • Very friendly and affectionate
  • Playful and extrovert - even in old age
  • Rarely faddy eaters
  • Highly intelligent
  • Want to be part of the family
  • Usually get on well with children and other animals
  • Very companionable
  • Minus Points

    • Can be noisy (when calling)
    • Can be bossy and want to be top cat (or dog!)
    • Can be territorial towards other animals
    • Do not like being in an 'over-catted' household
    • Need a lot of human attention
    • Can be destructive if left on their own
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