Oriental Breed

Oriental are basically Siamese-shaped cats without the restricted 'Himalayan' coat pattern.

They come with both plain and patterned coats and in a variety of colours. Their temperament and character is just as typically 'Siamese': outgoing, extrovert and highly intelligent.

They make wonderful companion pets as, like the Siamese, they love people, but they have all their 'minus' points too, as they are demanding.

Pros and Cons to the Oriental Breed

Plus Points

  • Smooth, shorthaired glossy coats that need little other than 'hand' grooming, except the semi-longhair Angora, which needs regular brushing and combing
  • Friendly, affectionate and loving
  • Loves people and is highly companionable
  • Good with children and other pets, as long as they are prepared to accept the cat's terms
  • Highly intelligent

Minus Points

  • Has the typical 'Siamese' voice and knows how to use it
  • Does not like to live in an 'over-catted' household
  • May be more prone to spraying than some breeds
  • Does not like a single cat
  • Inclined to be bossy with less assertive breeds
  • Inclined to be territorial
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