Why Should I Neuter My Pet Cat?

It is essential that you have you cat neutered, unless you are planning to breed responsibly.

Reduce Stray Cats and Overpopulation

A big reason to get your pet cat neutered is to stop overpopulation of cats. You cat will explorer the great outdoors, find mates of the opposite sex, and breed - much quicker than you think. One male cat is capable of impregnating many, many female cats; and a female can is capable of giving birth to many, many litters.

This will lead to a surplus of cats which may not all have good homes to go to, if at all. It is primarily your responsibility as a cat owner to ensure that this does not happen. Stray cats will lead a sad, unhealthy and short life. There are over half a million feral cats in London, many of which will have to be put down. More care would prevent this from happening.

Cat Neutering Improves Behaviour and Health

In female cats, neutering will dramatically reduce the risk of her developing serious illness like mammary tumours, cancers and infections. Her behaviour will also change - she will stop calling (loud crying and moaning!).

Male cats that are neutered will be less territorial and less aggressive. This will help ensure that your cat comes into contact with fewer cats, so reducing the risk of passing of diseases. It will also reduce him from spraying urine, which is not a nice smell or stain around the house!

Cats of either sex that are neutered generally roam less, aiding them to stay near home in safer surroundings, avoid confrontations with other cats, and being less of a nuisance to the local residents.

Despite what some people think, there are no side effects for the cat after being neutered. There are many benefits as you have already read.

Be A Responsible Pet Owner

Be responsible, and ensure you neuter your pet cats. The longer you leave it, the less positive effects it will have. Remember to speak to your vet for advice. Generally it is recommended to have your cat neutered at 5-6 months of age.

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