How to Save Money on Cat Food

In the UK we spend millions of pounds each year buying cat food. As a cat owner we don't seem to notice the ongoing cost of cat food, but if you combine it over the lifetime of your cats, you are definitely in for a shock!

We all love our cats and we only want the best for them. But it is also important to save money on cat food in this tight economic climate. Famous brands are often priced expensively so that the manufacturer can cover the cost of advertising and sponsorships.

There are several ways that you can save money when buying cat food. Below are some helpful tips that can help save you a small fortune!

  • Buying in bulk can save money. Most commodities, cat food included, when bought in larger quantities have a lower price. So when you are going to buy cat food, get the largest bag or most number of tins that you can find (an afford in one go).
  • Small bags are actually much more expensive than bigger bags if you compare per kg. If you are having a hard time buying these large bags of cat food, you may want to consider buying online and have them delivered to your home.
  • Some cat foods can be frozen. This may make buying in bulk easier as you won't need to worry about some of the food going off. Always check the label to make sure it's safe for home freezing.
  • Try Amazon! You probably know that Amazon sell books, electricals and jewellery, but you probably didn't know they sell cat food too! We've bought 3 month's worth of Felix cat food on Amazon before. The price was better than any of our local or online pet shops! Give it a whirl.
  • We often go and buy the leading brands because these are what we see on television and billboards. We believe that they have the highest food quality and of course we only want the best for our cat. However, if you look at it closely, you will see that there is only a very small difference between the leading brands and lesser known brands of cat food. Most of the time, you will notice that the packaging is what makes the leading brand more expensive. Don't be fooled!
  • You can even make your own cat food to save some pennies. The internet is brimming with loads of recipes that you can knock up at home for your cats. Just don't get their dinner mixed up with yours!
  • You can also save money on treats. There is no need to buy super expensive treats for your cat. Cheap treats do not necessarily mean that they are of a lower quality. Buying from somewhere such as a pound shop can be a great option for cheap cat treats.
  • Keeping track of how much you are feeding your cat everyday can be helpful. This can help you decrease food wastage, save money and your cat will be less likely to gain weight.
  • Some pet shops carry their own brand of food for cats which is cheaper than the other more well-known foods. These are not known brands but they are very much the same as the branded food, and often offer much more nutritious and less commercial recipe.
  • There are online pet shops that offer discount vouchers and coupons. You can use these coupons when you are shopping online. Just search sites like MoneySaving Expert or Hot Deals.
  • When shopping online, browse other similar sites and compare their products. Don't buy from one particular retailer just because you bought there last time, do your research and shop around!

These are just some things that you can do if you want to save money on cat food. Spread out over a number of months or years, a few pound here and there will add up to a very large saving on cat food!

It's always important, though, to ensure your cats are getting the nutrition and diet that they need.

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