Wicker Cat Baskets

Traditional wicker cat baskets have long been the sleeping choice for the most discerning cats. They're easy to clean and, when lined with a soft mattress or blanket, they make for a solid sleep station. A really well-made wicker basket can stand up against even the toughest of claws and last for years.

Open baskets

The traditional open wicker baskets are very affordable and generally fit the bill for most moggies. You can buy a basic basket then find a mattress or fleece blanket for lining, or shop around for one that comes with a custom-made mattress. (n.b. if you are buying a basket fitted with a covered mattress, make sure the cover is easy to remove for washing).

If you're buying an open basket, look for one with a shallow section cut out at the front. This makes it easy for your kitty to climb in and out of their new bed, even when still a bit groggy with sleep or stuffed full with a slap-up dinner.

Cat caves/igloos

These are a super-cute option, but they're generally not quite so inexpensive. Cave and igloo wicker baskets come, as the name would suggest, as a completely encased little haven with a hole cut out of the front. Most models are fitted with a handle on the top, making them great for car journeys too.

If you're keen to make your mog stay put, look for a cave or igloo with a metal door and handle. You can leave this open during the day but it's handy to have the option of keeping your cat contained in style and comfort should you need to.

Make sure the cave or igloo is made from thick wicker that's tightly wound. You'll be making a bit of an investment so you want to be sure it'll stand the test of time.

Choices, choices

These are clever contraptions for kitties who love to be offered different options. The bottom of the bed features a little shelter with a cut-out door so they can climb in and out as they please. And on top, there's a comfy, curved bed so that they have two sleeping options.

If you feel like spoiling your cat, a two level sleep station is about as luxurious as it gets!

Wicker bike baskets

If you'd like your kitty to accompany you on bike rides, you could even invest in a specially made wicker bike basket. They're formed much the same as a standard bike basket but feature a high wire mesh over the top so your cat can travel with you safely - we all know they'd be tempted to jump out otherwise. The back of the basket needs to be fitted with a sturdy bracket so make sure you test it before buying if at all possible.

The wicker bike basket provides a comfy method of transportation over short distances and can also be used in the car for longer journeys. Plus, if big enough, your wicker bike basket can double up as a bed at home. A real all-rounder.

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