Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee with your Dog

As the Queen celebrates 60 years as Monarch this year, there's picnics, fairs and street parties being organised across the UK as we speak. It's set to become a hugely enjoyable and historic occasion. So why not involve your pet dog in your celebrations too?!

The Royal Family have always loved animals - their association with dogs has been strong since the young Princess Elizabeth (now the Queen) had her first pet, Dookie, a Corgi. Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee is sure to be a special occasion and it's bound to be great fun for your dog too!

Here's a few tips, ideas and funny ways to help celebrate the Queen's 60 years on the throne with your dog.

Diamond Jubilee dog fancy dress

Whether it's a street party or a village picnic, your dog can be the centre of attention by showing off a Royal-themed costume. You could even organise a local Diamond Jubilee dog fancy dress competition!

There's bound to be nothing more novel, tacky or even amusing as dogs dressed up in royal attire during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. If nothing else, it will definitely add to enjoyment and theme.

There's even a super-cool Union Jack Dog Frisbee available on Amazon, alongside their huge selection of Union Jack Dog Clothes and Jubilee Fancy Dress for Dogs.

Accessorise your Jubilee dog!

If you don't fancy a complete fancy dress outfit for your dog during the Diamond Jubilee, there's plenty of cool accessories for your pooch to add that hint of Royal 'class' and sophistication.

There's some simple Diamond Jubilee Dog T-Shirtsavailable at the Urban Pup website and even a hand crafted Personalised Diamond Jubilee Dog Bowl over at the Emma Bridgewater website.

Diamonds are a dog's best friend!

As this huge 60 year Jubilee celebration is represented by diamonds, you could even glitz and glam up your dog with some cool diamond accessories. Okay, so perhaps diamante is more of a sensible budget! There's a huge selection of Diamante Dog Accessories on Amazon and your dog is sure to look the part sporting one.

If you don't involve your dog, remember your dog

If your dog isn't part of your Diamond Jubilee celebrations, it's important not to let them get in the way of remembering the day to day needs of your dog. If your street party or village picnic is going to be an all day affair, don't neglect your dog! A long walk in the morning is always a good idea if you are going to be busy - that way your dog will be exercised and ready to relax for the rest of the day. Just because you are off having fun, don't forget about your dog and his or her toilet needs!

If you do involve your dog in the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, remember that safety is important! If it's a street party, don't let you dog wander around in the road too much and be sure to clear up if pooch leaves any mess behind! When people are partying and having fun, the atmosphere can often be loud and chaotic - one that your dog might not necessarily enjoy. If you choose to dress pooch up in Diamond Jubilee dog fancy dress, be sure that it's comfortable for your dog and safe too.

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee is sure to be a huge event. It's a big day to celebrate 60 years of history that the Queen has been on the throne. It's a great opportunity to celebrate with friends, family, neighbours - and even your dog. We hope you have a fantastic day!

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