Dog Baskets

Real dog lovers are always keen to offer their pooches the best night's sleep they can. Flat dog beds are all well and good, but when compared to the more luxurious and cosy shapes of dog baskets, they don't quite cut the mustard.

If you want a really happy pup, invest in a top quality dog basket in which they can curl up and snooze the night (and day) away.

Extra support

While dog beds are surely nice and cosy, they don't offer the added support of walls around the edge. Your little canine companion can quickly find themselves spilling over, and it's a rude awakening when a sensitive paw hits cold, kitchen tiles in the middle of the night.

Dog baskets allow your pet to curl up and rest his or her back against the walls, sleeping soundly without any surprises.


Ranging from wicker exteriors to super-plush faux fur linings, there's a wealth of baskets out there to choose from. The wicker contraptions are usually quite sturdy so they're best for keeping more adventurous pups contained. They usually come lined with material but, for a smaller price tag, you can choose an unlined wicker basket and hunt for the perfect lining yourself.

Plushy, fur-lined baskets are also available for pets who like the finer things in life. Your dog will love you forever if you pick out a snuggly, plumped-up dog basket for them.

And then there are plastic dog baskets, which are ideal for dogs who need an exceedingly sturdy option! Again, these sometimes come unlined so you can pop in a custom-cut mattress, a blanket and whatever else you want to give your best friend a great night's sleep.

Easily washed?

When picking out a dog bed, make sure you trawl the market for a basket that's easy to clean. Those precious pooches are occasionally prone to little accidents, especially when they're poorly or if you have a brand new puppy on your hands.

Making sure you pick covers that can be easily removed and a basket that can be wiped down without too much fuss will save you plenty of headaches in the future.


When shopping around, be sure to check out the measurements of the baskets. You want it to be just big enough so that your pet can stretch and yawn to their heart's content, but similarly you still want them to feel cosy in their new sleep station.

Some beds come in a variety of sizes so be sure to ask the vendor if they have a bigger/smaller version.

High time for high sides

If you're looking for the ultimate snoozing experience, find a dog basket with extra high sides. Your pooch will feel so cosy and safe surrounded by padded, comfy walls.

And if you're frequent travellers, try finding a basket that's easy to transport (i.e. not too heavy). Again, high sides will be very handy in the boot of your car, especially if they are made out of a rigid material. They'll keep your pet firmly in place even on those sharp corners!

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