Dog Toy Baskets

There's nothing more adorable than seeing your dog chew, wrestle, or cuddle up to their favourite toy, or watching them chase their most beloved ball. But these toys can be trip hazards, and they're not always the most appealing things to have around. The solution? Dog toy baskets!

What are dog toy baskets?

Dog toy baskets provide a practical and stylish way to store all your dog's favourite toys. They're ideal for keeping your floors, sofas and your bed free of Fido's clutter, and many are both fun and attractive, so that they look good in your room - that's something soggy balls and half-chewed fluffy rabbits don't tend to do! Some baskets have a cute bone or paw print design, and most have handles to make them easy to move and carry.

Lucky owners may even be able to train their dogs to put their toys in their dog toy baskets, keeping slobbery, grubby toys away from their soft furnishings and out of sight!

Choosing a dog toy basket

Reading reviews by people who have already bought a dog toy basket and used it for a while is a great way to get the lowdown on the best model to buy. Some dog toy baskets require self-assembly, so if one of them is on your shortlist, look out for comments about how easy (or otherwise!) owners found this.

Think practicality

How many dogs have you got? How many toys do they have? Are any of their toys large? Would it be better to store all their toys in one room and one large dog toy basket, or should you buy a couple of smaller ones?

Dog toy baskets can be made of various materials including wicker, canvas and wire. Which you choose will depend on not just the look you want, but how important durability is to you, and if you want a basket that's waterproof or easily washable.

Think style

You may not know your dog's favourite colour, but you probably have a preference, and may want your chosen dog toy basket to complement the décor of the room you're planning to place it in. Grey and black dog toy baskets are popular, and you may even want to splash out on a personalised dog toy basket (or two, if you have more than one pampered pooch!).

Our favourite bestselling dog toy basket

Currently, we think the best dog toy basket on the market is the Geyecete Dog Toy Storage Basket, so it's no surprise that it's one of Amazon's bestsellers. One of the smartest dog toy baskets we've seen, it's available in pink, light grey, grey or dark grey, with a fun bone print and 'Dog Toys' logo printed on one side.

With sturdy wooden handles, a firm base and tough canvas sides, it's strong, durable and easy to clean with a damp cloth. The only assembly required is slipping the wooden handles into place, which earns this basket top marks from reviewers. They also love its stylish looks.

This lightweight dog toy basket is collapsible for easy transport and storage when not in use, and available in two sizes - medium and large - so you can choose the one with just the right space for your dog's toys (or perhaps, your dogs; some owners have found their dogs love to sleep in this basket with their toys!).

Frequently asked questions

Can I make my own dog toy baskets?

Yes! If you fancy a little dog toy basket DIY, consider this wooden crate design or search the web for more dog toy basket ideas. If you have the time or enthusiasm, you'll find plenty to inspire you, but always remember to consider safety. Make sure there are no loose parts that your dog could splinter, or choke on.

What size dog toy basket shall I choose?

As we've said above, consider if you want one central storage solution, and how many dogs - and dog toys! - you own before deciding if you need a small dog toy basket or a larger one. Think about where your dog toy baskets will live, too, and measure spaces carefully. Beware buying an overly large dog toy basket that sticks out more than you expected, putting you in more danger than Fido's clutter underfoot did!

Where can I buy a dog toy basket?

You can buy dog toy baskets at stores such as Argos, Pets at Home and Matalan, or via online retailers like Etsy or Amazon.

Live Free of Fido's clutter!

If you're fed up with slobbery, squeaky toy sausages on your sofa or always losing Fido's favourite ball, search for dog toy baskets on Amazon to see a wide range of available models and read reviews.

Happy tidying!

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