Magnetic Dog Collars

It is not uncommon for your four-legged friend to suffer from Arthritis. Unfortunately it is a condition, like in humans, that can strike at any age, but is generally more common in the mature dog.

When a person suffers from arthritis it can make certain actions very painful and can result in very limited joint movement. This is the same with dogs and likewise can take the joy out of day-to-day living. When we suffer, we seek treatment, so why not the same for our wet-nosed pals?

Magnetic dog collars are generally widely available yet there is some split opinion over their efficacy. Having owned 2 Dobermans who both suffered from severe arthritis, my experience of magnetic dog collars is very positive.

How do magnetic dog collars work?

The magnet is designed to apply magnetic fields to the blood flow of the dog. The benefit of this is that it helps restore the natural pH balance of the body.

This in turn helps cells to thrive and promotes natural healing. It also reduces the need for the body to break down its own natural resources.

Both dogs wore the collars for a number of years, the results were more then I had expected. Near normal movement returned to their back legs (which were the affected areas, as is often the case with Dobermans). Not only did this give me back more active friends, but it elevated their quality of life in their senior years.

What are the benefits?

  1. The collars are usually reasonable priced meaning that pain relief for your friend is not purely for the well off.
  2. There are no known side effects.
  3. It's a one time deal - the magnets don't need to be 'recharged' - they last a lifetime.
  4. No expensive vets bills!
  5. Your canine friend will feel better meaning you will get the best out of him.

Modern research tells us that the above is true for all breeds of dog. It truly is an inexpensive form of pain relief for your friend. When you spend serious amounts of money on dog food and vets bills it begs the question, why not give magnet dog collars a try?

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