Hi-Vis Dog Coats

Do you worry about your dog's safety in the dark? A hi vis dog coat helps your dog stay safe by making them more visible to you, other walkers, and more cruically, drivers. This is especially important in the autumn and winter months, when going walkies so often means venturing out in bad weather or in the dark.

Here's everything you need to know about hi vis coats for dogs and staying safe when walking your dog in the dark.

What is a hi vis dog coat?

Hi vis dog coats are designed to help your dog stay visible, even when it's dark, the weather is poor, or you're walking in a wooded or overgrown area.

They're made of a very brightly coloured material (often a fluorescent or neon yellow). This helps your dog stand out amongst trees or tall grass. They're reflective too, and many feature silver reflective strips, meaning they'll catch the light from a torch or headlights. This helps your dog stay visible, even at a distance - which is very reassuring!

Choosing a hi vis dog coat

There's a huge choice of hi vis dog coats on the market from brands like Animate, Danish Design, Go Walk, Barbour, Cosipet, PetGear, Flectalon and more. So, how do you choose the right one for your pooch? Here are our tips:

  • Check the sizing carefully.Most hi vis dog coats have a sizing guide by dimensions, weight, breed or all three, so measure and/or weigh your dog to ensure you get a good fit for them.
  • Consider the features you want for your dog's hi vis coat. Most hi vis dog coats are waterproof but do check! If your dog will be wearing their coat mainly in the colder months, thermal lined hi vis coats are available. You may also want one with a neck flap, adjustable straps, or a harness attachment. A machine washable hi vis dog coat can be really useful if your dog always heads for the muddiest puddles! Read product descriptions carefully to make sure your chosen coat has all the features you and your dog need.
  • Read reviews by purchasers. This is the best way to get an honest opinion (from dog owners and their dogs!) about any hi vis dog coat you're considering.

Our top pick

We think the best hi vis dog coat available right now is the 4LegsFriend Safety Hi Vis Dog Coat. It's available in extra small, small, medium, large or extra-large, and the XS, S, M and L sizes are currently on sale on Amazon at great prices.

  • XS suitable for dogs 4-9 kg, (8-21 lb), neck girth 23-38 cm (9"-15"), chest girth 38-51 cm (15"-20")
  • Small size suitable for dogs 8-13 kg (18-29 lb), neck girth 31-45 cm (12"- 18"), chest girth 45-58 cm (18"-23")
  • Medium size suitable for dogs 12-22 kg (28-48 lb), neck girth 45-55 cm (18"-22.5"), chest girth 57-68 cm (22.5"-26.5")
  • Large size suitable for dogs 21-38kg (48-85 lb), neck girth 54-69cm (21.50"-27.25"), chest girth, 67-81cm (26.5"-32")

The 4LegsFriend Safety Hi Vis Dog Coat is a cheery bright neon yellow. It's made from a durable, waterproof, rip-resistant fabric, yet the material is breathable and lightweight. The trim, belly strap, paw print and dog face logos are all highly reflective, ensuring your dog stays visible - even from 500ft away.

Hook and lock closures and strong Velcro fastenings ensure a snug and safe fit, and there's a handy slit to make it easy to attach your dog's lead to their harness.

Dog owners love the reflective trim and belly strap, how snug and comfortably it fits on their dogs, and how easy it is to take on and off. But If for some reason you're not happy with it, this hi vis dog coat comes with a 100% no-hassle money-back guarantee.

How can I keep my dog safe when walking them in the dark?

  • Make them visible. Hi vis coats make your dog easy to spot in dim light, poor weather, and at night-time. To keep your dog extra safe, consider reflective dog collars or, even better, flashing dog collars too. Flashing dog collars ensure dogs remain visible in even the darkest conditions or thickly wooded areas, where there may be no light source to reflect on their coat or collar.
  • Keep them on a lead. Even if your dog is excellent at returning when you call, it's always safer to keep them on a lead at night. They may get spooked by noises or nocturnal animals and not be as easy to recall.

How can I keep myself safe while walking my dog in the dark?

  • Wear a reflective belt or hi vis waistcoat. Follow your dog's example and make sure you're visible. Avoid wearing all-dark clothing and wear a hi vis waistcoat, jacket, belt or sash.
  • Walk facing the traffic where possible. Faces are far easier to see and identify in the dark than backs of heads, so you will be easier for drivers to spot - and you'll also be able to see cars approaching.
  • Take a torch, a friend and your phone! Always take a torch with you, or even better a headtorch - this keeps your hands free to control your dog and hold any other items. Take your mobile too, so that you can call for help (or work out where you are!) if necessary. If you can, always walk your dog with someone else at night. If you or your dog sustain an injury, or your dog runs off, a companion can help you or call for assistance. If there's not a family member or friend available, try to meet up with other dog walkers.

Buying a hi vis dog coat

Hi vis dog coats are available from many high street pet shops and superstores such as Pets at Home, some sports and outdoor wear shops, household stores such as Argos, and online retailers including Amazon.

Wherever you decide to buy your hi vis dog coat from, it's worth searching for hi vis dog coats on Amazon first to see the wide choice available. The site also has a range of reviews you can read before making your final choice.

Happy dog walking!

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