Essential Rabbit Care

Having a rabbit care check list can help you take better care of your pet rabbit. Here are the important things to check and perform regularly to make sure your rabbit is healthy, happy and comfortable.


You need to have the right size of cage for your pet rabbit. Choose a cage that is strong enough for your pet and make sure that predators cannot easily break into it. The cage should be roomy enough so that you rabbit has space to move. You have the option of having a wooden hutch or a wire mesh for your rabbit cage. However, make sure that this will protect your pet from the weather, especially if you are going to place your rabbit hutch outdoors.

Feeding Container

Rabbits love food. Make sure that you use a crock that attaches to the wire. Regardless of the feeding container that you will be using, make sure that it is safe and sturdy enough on it's attachment so that your rabbit will not yank on it, as this can cause the feed to scatter. Less scattered food will enable you to save money on rabbit food, and reduce the chances of infections within the cage.

Water and Water Container

Water is very important and your rabbit must always have access to drinking water. It is important that the water you give your rabbit is fresh and clean. Do not allow the water container to go dry and always make sure that there is enough water for your rabbit to drink. The best water container for your rabbit is a water bottle.

Litter Box

You should find it easy to litter-train your rabbit. However, do not use regular cat litter. Have a litter box that is high sided and has pine shavings in it. Your pet rabbit is most likely to kick up when they go out of the box and the high sides can keep the shavings from causing a mess.


Rabbits are social animals and they should be together in groups or pairs when you house them. If you only bought one rabbit, try to find a companion for it, or be sure to give it plenty of love and attention.


Your rabbit must be handled gently and regularly. This will help lessen the stress on your rabbit when there are other people in the house. It is also highly recommended to interact with your rabbit so that you can detect any signs of illness.

Vet trips

Vet bills can go very high especially when your pet is sick. That is why it is important to go for regular check-ups to prevent worsening of any illnesses. Early detection can save your rabbit's life and save you money as well.

Stress-Free Environment

It is important to safeguard your rabbit by providing an environment that is free from stress. This can improve the quality of life of your rabbit and your rabbit will feel contented. You can provide toys to your rabbit so that it can play from time to time.

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