Folding Rabbit Runs

If you've watched wild rabbits dashing about, you'll know that rabbits are designed to run at quite a speed, relative to their little legs! To stay happy and healthy, your pet rabbit needs regular opportunities to stretch their legs and exhibit their natural behaviours. If you can't offer them a large, permanent and safe space to run around in, folding rabbit runs are the answer.

What is a folding rabbit run?

Put simply, folding rabbit runs are large, usually lightweight, rabbit runs, designed to be easily erected and collapsed, so that they can be used for a while then folded up and stored neatly away.

There are 5 foot, 6 foot and even 8 foot enclosures to give your bunny plenty of room to stretch his legs and explore. Some have a carry handle, too, that makes them easy to transport.

A large folding rabbit run is the ideal way to provide space for rabbits to hop about, explore and get the exercise they need for good health, either by themselves or with their bunny buddies - without having to permanently allocate a big part of your garden or construct a large, permanent run for them. Most folding runs have one or more side access doors or roof panels to make it easy to get your fluffy friend in and out!

Choosing the Right Folding Rabbit Run

These rabbit enclosures can be pricey, but before you choose a cheap version, consider your long-term investment and the safety and comfort of your rabbit. You want a rabbit run that's well-made, with a sturdy wooden frame and thick metal wire panels, ensuring your rabbit can't escape from, or damage, the run. A cheap folding rabbit run may need replacing after a year or two, so it could cost you more in the long run.

The size of run you need will depend on how many rabbits you have and their size. If your rabbit is a giant breed, for instance a Flemish Giant or a Chinchilla Rabbit, then they will need an extra large folding rabbit run! You also need to think about the storage space you have available, and whether the run is for indoor or outdoor use.

Buying Your Folding Rabbit Run

There are plenty of brands available, such as PawHut, MaxxPet, The Hutch Company, Bunny Business and VivaPet. To narrow down your choices, look at rabbit run reviews to discover what other rabbit owners have to say about the practicality and quality of their folding runs over the long term.

Our Recommended Bestselling Folding Rabbit Run

After examining a range of different runs, we selected the 6ft Canterbury Folding Rabbit Run from The Hutch Company as the best folding rabbit run.

This run, which gets rave reviews, is British-made using strong Scandinavian timber and galvanised wire, and it's weatherproofed with an antibacterial preservative. It's also got two hinged side doors and two roof doors, making it easy to extract your lively bunny, wherever they've hopped to! Assembly takes just a few minutes - adding the roof is all you need to do - and can be done single-handedly. This folding rabbit run from The Hutch Company is a reasonable price, too, and delivery is free.

  • Size: length 1810mm, width 1000mm, height 480mm
  • Room for two or three standard-size rabbits
  • Easy to fold and store

Frequently Asked Questions about Folding Rabbit Runs

How do I make my own folding run?

If you're a confident DIYer, you may want to try making your own folding run, but don't skimp on materials - buy good quality timber and wire. Folding rabbit run plans can be found on various websites like The Rabbit House, and YouTube also has tutorials.

How do I assemble my folding rabbit run?

Most are easy to assemble and often arrive partly constructed, so just ensure you have all the necessary parts and follow the instructions carefully.

Can other small animals use a folding run?

Yes! People use folding rabbit runs, including our recommended bestseller, for guinea pigs, tortoises, hedgehogs and even small dogs!

Ready to Buy Your Folding Rabbit Run?

Whichever run you choose, your bunny will love having space to bounce, hop and run as nature intended! To see a range of options and read a variety of rabbit run reviews, search 'folding rabbit run' on Amazon.

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