Should I Neuter My Rabbit?

Neutering (or spaying) your rabbit is very important - unless you wish to breed. It is part of being a responsible pet owner! A neutered rabbit is happier, healthier and more enjoyable as a pet. This article gives advice and information on neutering your rabbit.

Why Should I Neuter My Rabbit?

Neutered male rabbits are less prone to developing problems with their behaviour such as spraying, biting and fighting.

Neutered female rabbits are much less likely to develop serious illnesses such as uterine cancer later in their life.

Neutered rabbits are healthier and live longer. They make better companions and are easier to litter train. They are more loving, calmer and will be much less likely to show destructive behaviour like digging, chewing and destroying things!

Rabbit Neutering is Important

Perhaps most importantly, neutered rabbits cannot contribute to the problem of over-population. Millions of cute and fluffy rabbits across the world are killed or abandoned every year, simply because their owners did not have them neutered. You must be responsible!

The Neutering Procedure

Rabbit spaying and neutering is a safe procedure, with a success rate of over 99.9%. A qualified vet can perform this procedure with almost no risk to your rabbit.

When Should I Neuter My Rabbit?

Female rabbits should be neutered at about 4-6 months of age when they reach sexual maturity. Most vets will neuter a male rabbit at a similar age too.

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