Poodle Facts

Here are some carefully complied Poodle facts for you to digest. Have a read and amaze your friends with your brilliant Poodle facts!

  • Poodle-like dogs are have appeared in art and carvings as far back as the 12th century
  • The modern-day poodle originates from three countries: Russia; Germany and France
  • Up until 16th century, poodles were not bred for fashion purposes, but they were used for retrieving fallen game
  • The hair was originally trimmed away where it was not needed however due to the frequency of the poodle going into freezing rivers; hair was left over the lung, chest and kidney areas. This was the beginning of poodle grooming
  • Poodles come in many different sizes. The toy poodle stands 10 inches or less at the shoulder
  • Poodles are well known for having a good sense of humour
  • The poodles is one of the only types of dog that is 'collected' by the owners
  • Whilst poodles come in many different colours, the most popular and common colour is white
  • It is best to train your poodle when it is a puppy, however the poodles is one of the easiest breeds to train in adulthood
  • Although there are dozens of clips used for poodles worldwide, the Continental and English Saddle remain the most popular for poodle fanciers
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