Where to position a rabbit hutch

You shouldn't just place a rabbit hutch in the most convenient position. There are a few important considerations to ponder when deciding to place your rabbit hutch outside. Our guide on where to position your rabbit hutch should help you make the right choice!

Where should I put my rabbit hutch?

An outdoor hutch should not be positioned too close to walls or fences. This is to allow air to circulate around the hutch and to help stop little mice or rats from lodging in the hutch.

Your should put your rabbit hutch in a sheltered place. It shouldn't be positioned so it will catch sunlight directly during the hottest part of the day (around midday). Also avoid placing your rabbit hutch in a position that will get a lot of wind. A bitter wintery wind can make the hutch really cold!

Rabbits are essentially wild animals and are quite used to a variety of conditions, but will still need protection from hot and cold temperatures.

Move the hutch when necessary

If there is a spell of very hot or very cold weather you should re-position the rabbit hutch to suit.

During hot weather, double check that the hutch is fully ventilated and prop the roof open if necessary to add even more flow of air. If the hutch is being subjected to hot and direct sunlight, it is advisable to move it to a shadier area.

In very cold weather it is a good idea to add additional shelter - like moving it inside a conservatory or outhouse.

A rabbit hutch outdoors can be subject to interest from other animals. When positioning your rabbit hutch, think about the areas that are hard for cat and other nocturnal creatures to get to. So long as your cage is safe and of a high quality, no-one will be getting in though!

Many rabbit owners like to put their hutch in their back garden, near a window. This way they can see their rabbit tucked up in it's hutch from indoors!

Your rabbit hutch should be placed in a sheltered area away from direct sunlight and wind. If the weather gets particularly hot or cold, you should move your rabbit hutch accordingly.

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