Rabbit Hide Houses

A rabbit hide house might sound like a fun accessory for your rabbit but, actually, it's essential. It provides something that's vital for your rabbit's wellbeing: a safe place to hide away on their own.

What is a rabbit hide house?

A rabbit hide house is, quite simply, a house that provides a safe, dry place for your rabbit to hide away. It provides a cosy, enclosed space for them to relax, rest and sleep.

A rabbit hide house is usually wooden, with a hinged or lift-off roof. A rabbit hideaway can be used in the garden or within a larger indoor or outdoor enclosure, such as a rabbit run or rabbit play pen. Most will have a lockable door that opens to form a ramp, and feet to raise the house above the floor. This helps to keep it warmer and dryer and also allows air to circulate underneath.

Why do rabbits like to hide?

Hiding is a natural behaviour for your rabbit. In the wild, rabbits are burrow-dwellers, spending much of their time tucked away underground in their warren. There, they have the company of other rabbits when they want it and can move to another burrow when they don't! They stay warm, and they're out of sight of predators. Domesticated rabbits still have this urge to hide away to rest and relax, and they too may sometimes need time away from other rabbits.

The ideal rabbit hideaway

In your rabbit enclosure, there should be a hiding space for each rabbit you own, and ideally at least one square metre of space. A good rabbit hide house should have all the features of an ideal rabbit hideaway:

  • Two exits/entrances, so that more passive rabbits can't be bullied by more dominant companions, and you can 'rescue' your rabbit if necessary
  • The right size. If you have rabbits of different sizes, it's important that larger rabbits have a hiding space that fits them, but it's equally important that smaller rabbits have a space that larger rabbits can't fit into
  • The RSPCA advises that the top of hides should be "high enough for rabbits to rapidly move underneath but low enough to give a feeling of security."

A rabbit hide house is the ideal way to provide Thumper with one of these safe, cosy places. It will reduce his stress and allow him to rest or sleep in a place he feels relaxed and safe from threats.

Choosing the right rabbit hide house


There are various styles, so choose one with the features you need and the appearance you prefer. Most are wooden with a natural look, but some are available in a grey finish. Do you need a rabbit hide house that folds flat, so it can be moved and stored easily?


While many rabbit hide houses are around the same size, there is some variation - so if you have a bigger breed of rabbit, check the dimensions carefully. Of course, if the house is going inside a run or pen, you'll have to make sure it fits inside!

Durability and practicality

Rabbit hide houses are quite pricey, so choose a high quality, well-made hide that will last. If it will be used outdoors, check it's suitable for outdoor use and that the timber is treated with an animal-safe weatherproofing treatment.

Some rabbit hide houses have a quick access roof so that you can reach your rabbit quickly and easily when necessary, but try not to remove your rabbit from their hideaway unless it's absolutely essential.


There are plenty of brands of rabbit hide house to choose from, including FeelGood, Bunny Business, VivaPet and Ferplast. To help you narrow down your shortlist, it's always useful to read what other rabbit owners have to say, so read rabbit hide house reviews before making a choice.

Our recommended rabbit hide house

A bestseller in the UK market, the Bunny Business Wooden Rabbit Hide House, is our top choice.

Why do we think it's the best rabbit hide house available right now?

  • It's constructed from solid wood and is weatherproof, so suitable for outdoor use as was well as indoor
  • The lockable flap-style door forms a ramp for your rabbit when opened
  • Tall legs ensure good air circulation underneath the floor and protection from the cold and damp
  • The roof is hinged so that it can be lifted quickly for access

Available at a good price with free delivery on Amazon, it's made by one of the UK's top rabbit hutch brands.

Buying your rabbit hide house

You can buy rabbit hide houses from pet shops and large pet superstores like Pets at Home, and from some household stores and online retailers. However, if you're still not sure which rabbit hide house to choose, search for 'rabbit hide house' on Amazon. You'll be able to see a large range of models and read hundreds of reviews to help you find the ideal rabbit hide house!

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