Rabbit toys

Here's a carefully complied collection of our favourite rabbit toys that you can buy online from some of the UK's leading retailers. Enjoy!

Have you ever toyed with the idea of cheering up your bunny rabbit? If it's been looking a bit grumpy or you've noticed a dip in its playfulness, it could be time to treat it to some toys. This Loving Your Pet guide is designed to help you buy the right ones and have a look at what's available.

News Flash - Just like us, rabbits can suffer from boredom and need stimulation in their environment. Toys not only provide some much needed entertainment, but they also help your rabbit to exercise and stay in shape - bunny obesity is no joke!

Don't expect your rabbit to start doing the crossword or take up knitting, their needs are more basic than ours and involve chewing, flinging and general wearing and tearing - excellent diversions for the house bunny with a taste for your furniture.

Find out more by reading our guide on how to make your own rabbit toys.

So what's out there?

You'll be pleased to know that rabbit toys don't have to cost the earth, in fact, they don't have to cost anything at all. Cardboard tubes and boxes are great for your rabbit to knock around with, or why not get inventive with PVC gutter piping or an old wicker basket? You'll soon get to learn what your rabbit likes - it could be something as simple as a paper bag or a log.

Be careful with things that break up easily, such as rubber and flimsy plastics. You don't want your rabbit ingesting anything unkind. Try and stay one step ahead of your little thumper!

Ideas about thing you might want to buy...

Straw balls or hard plastic toys that ring or rattle are often a hit with rabbits - kitten toys can also be used. Other ideas include; woven grass, hide away huts, rabbit mazes, apple dumbbells, rolling willow balls, toys that dangle and hang, caves, grass matting and even rabbit play houses.

It goes without saying you could end up spending a small fortune on play activities for your rabbit, but not if you use your imagination. The best advice pet experts can give, is to study your rabbit and get to know the things that encourage its playfulness. It's often the simple things that work the best.

Other ways to get your bunny active

Taking your bunny for a walk is more common these days but be very careful where you go and make sure you've purchased a sensible lead.

Manually introducing toys to tempt your bunny might help, but remember not to force things upon them.

Taste and scent toys - playing on your rabbit's appetite for food.

But remember...

Rabbits have their own personalities and some are just born grumpy or bad tempered - lets just say they're being true to their nature and love them all the same!

Rabbits are not like dogs and do not enjoy rough housing and heavy handed play. Avoid chin strokes and belly rubs - most rabbits dislike this kind of affection and are liable to tell you in away that you won't forget in a hurry!

Don't startle or frighten your rabbit with surprise movements. If they decide to jump, they could land awkwardly and damage themselves.

And last but not least - rabbits are extremely lovable but they still have teeth and claws.

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