About Cat Fleas and the Flea Lifecycle

Cat Fleas

Fleas are very common in cats, and most cats will be subject to fleas at some stage during their life. They have a complicated lifecycle which makes them hard to eradicate and keep away. Adult fleas live in your cat's fur, and live of the cat's blood. Whilst they are in the fur, they lay eggs - many every day. These eggs, and the droppings of the flea, fall to the floor. The eggs hatch into larvae, and soon develop into fleas, which readily pounce onto your passing pets - and so the cycle starts again.

The Cat Flea Lifecycle

Immature fleas can live for months before developing into adults, and so a flea infestation can go unnoticed for some time. Because of the nature of the flea life cycle, for every flea you see, there may be hundreds more developing. It is for these reasons that effective cat flea treatment relies on the life cycle being broken.

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