Killing Cat Fleas - Treat Your Cat for Fleas

The most important thing to remember when getting rid of cat fleas is that you must treat both your pet, and its surroundings. And if you have more than one pet, treat them all, even if they do not appear to have fleas. It is always advisable to seek professional opinion from your vet regarding your flea infestation. They are the experts, and their advice will be invaluable in minimising and eradicating your problem. Otherwise, this article will help you to get rid of cat fleas.

You might want to perform your own eradication to get the ball rolling and start killing those fleas. To do this, comb your cat from head to toe, placing all fur, droppings and fleas in hot water. Since fleas are nimble and very quick, it may be difficult to catch them and kill them, but you should soon become an expert! Dispose of the debris-filled water where none of it is ever likely to return! This method can be a good place to start as it involves no chemicals. However, this will probably only delay the inevitable. Remember that there are specialist cat combs readily available which are designed for just this.

Cat Flea Control

To ensure eradication of fleas form the cat, and to stop them reproducing, you will need to invest in one of many methods of flea control which will be easily available at your local pet shop.

Cat Flea Drops and Spot Treatment

Perhaps the most popular product on the market nowadays seems to be flea drops or 'stop treatment'. This is a small amount of liquid place on the neck of the cat which helps to kill fleas and eggs that make contact with the cat. The liquid spreads across the surface of the cat naturally to give quick and effective protection. Most importantly, this helps to break the lifecycle of the flea.

Pills & Injections for Cat Fleas

Another alternative is pills or injections, which can be prescribed, if necessary, by your vet. This can often be a more suitable solution for cats who are allergic to other methods of flea control.

Cat Flea Shampoos

Shampoos or 'cat flea dips' are also another option to stop cat fleas. It is more labour intensive for cat owners, and less convenient than spot treatment for example. Flea shampoo claims to kill all adult fleas on your cat - so the shampooing process must be done thoroughly, all over - it is best to start from the head and work towards the tail. Remember that cats generally dislike being washed and the shampoo my affect cats with sensitive skin. These two issues can make shampoo flea control difficult.

Cat Flea Powders

Flea powder is also available; but has become more and more out of favour. It must be applied accurately to the roots of the fur, evenly. Of course this is difficult, especially when your cat is desperate to remove it once you are finished! Even though cost is low, this method seems to be ineffective.

Flea Powders are also available but it is difficult to get an even spread, therefore these are the least effective. Powders and pump sprays may be more practical for cats. With all treatments always check the label for application intervals.

Cat Flea Collars

Flea collars have consistently been popular, but opinion of their effectiveness is mixed. It requires minimal effort - only the fitting; and they are generally cheap. Cat flea collars can irritate your cat, which might cause you even more of a headache.

Remember to read about the product you wish to buy, how to apply it, and what animals it is safe for. Also consider the age of your cat - some products should not be used below a certain age. Take extra care to ensure what you are doing is right for the situation and your pet.

Fleas reproduce quickly, so wash any linen or toys that your cat has been in contact with. Persistence is very important.

Hint - Advantage cat flea control and Frontline cat flea treatment are brilliant!

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