Cats and cardboard boxes

Cats are notorious for being curious creatures, but they are also known for exhibiting strange behaviors like sleeping or playing in cardboard boxes. A cat can glean endless hours of fun from an empty tissue box and he can have just as much fun playing with a piece of cardboard as he can with a manufactured cat toy.

Many cat owners have been dismayed to discover that, though they spent a small fortune on an expensive cat bed, their feline friend prefers to sleep in an empty cereal box!

Why cats like cardboard boxes

Many of the behaviors cats exhibit seem strange and inexplicable but their affinity for cardboard boxes is rooted in instinct. Cats have a natural desire to feel protected and concealed from predators and small, enclosed spaces like cardboard boxes fulfill that need perfectly.

A cat's instincts lead him to always be alert for potential predators - even when he is sleeping. By curling up in a cardboard box, a cat feels a little more secure because he is protected on three sides.

Some cats may also simply like the feeling of being snug in a small space. This may be why some cats like to curl up in odd places like the bathroom sink or the sock drawer in your dresser. Many a cat owner has been surprised when putting away groceries to find that their cat has hopped into one of the empty paper sacks!

Cardboard boxes are great insulation too. This means that a cat in a cardboard box should stay nice and warm!

Uses for cardboard boxes

Save yourself the frustration of seeing your cat refuse the expensive cat bed you bought him by supplying him with a basic cardboard box to sleep in instead. Line the box with a pillow or soft blanket and place the box in an out-of-the-way location where your cat will be able to sleep in peace. It's a sure-fire winner every time!

Choose a box that is large enough to accommodate your cat comfortably - one that gives him space to stand up and turn around. You might also consider using a large four-sided box, cutting an entry hole in one side to create a hideaway where your cat can retreat for privacy.

If you are a creative-minded person there is no end to the possibilities of what you can create using cardboard boxes. Stack boxes of various sizes to create a cardboard kingdom for your cat - he will derive hours of enjoyment from climbing in and out of the various boxes, looking down on his kingdom from above.

Turn a cardboard box into a playground for your cat by driving the handle of a feather wand through the box to hold it steady while your cat attacks the dangling feather. You can also turn small boxes themselves into toys by filling them with rice or beans and sealing them, turning them into rattles your cat can bat around on the floor. Funny and cute to watch!

Cats are amusing pets that never cease to surprise their owners. These creatures will always keep you guessing as to what they are going to do next - one day your cat might curl up on your lap for an hour of cuddle time while the next day he may, for some reason, prefer to lay down on the piece of paper you accidentally dropped on the floor.

While the behavior of cats may be unpredictable, you can be sure they will always enjoy cardboard boxes, whether as beds, toys or simply something to sniff at or sit on.

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