Heated Cat Beds

On average, cats sleep for around twice as long as we do, so it's important for them to be comfy at nap time. They also love warmth, heading straight for a spot near a radiator, that place where heating pipes run underneath the floor or, of course, a patch of sunlight! That makes heated cat beds the ideal places for our feline friends to get their forty winks.

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What is a heated cat bed?

There are three main types of heated cat bed: electric heated cat beds, self-heated cat beds and cat beds with a microwaveable heating pad.

Electric heated cat beds

Of course, you want a safe heated cat bed, and the word 'electric' may cause you concern. But don't worry; electric heated cat beds are very safe and most run at a very low wattage (typically 4W). Some have temperature controls and timers, although this feature is rarely available in a cheap heated cat bed, so you'll need to pay more.

Self-heated cat beds

Clever textile technology allows these beds to heat up once your cat is in situ by reflecting their body heat back towards them, and they're often made with a snuggly, furry covering.

Microwaveable pad heated cat beds

Some beds of this type have a removeable microwavable pad; others are designed with an internal reservoir and you fold up the whole bed and pop it in. There are also microwavable pads that can be used to warm a standard cat bed.

The benefits of heated cat beds

You already know that your cat loves warmth, but the benefits of a heated cat bed go beyond making your pampered puss purr! Extra warmth can provide comfort to kittens, older feline friends, hairless cats, or poorly cats who may feel the cold more. They can also ease pain and stiffness in cats with arthritis or other joint issues.

Choosing the right heated cat bed

Find the right style of heated cat bed for your cat

When you're looking for heated cat beds in the UK, there's a huge range of styles and colours available. Some are hooded or tent-style and others are like a furry donut! There are also very enclosed cave or igloo style heated cat beds, with just a small opening, and, at the other end of the scale, others that are simply a mat.

So before you buy a heated cat bed, think about:

  • Your cat's preference - do they like to burrow or squeeze into small places, or do they tend to sleep stretched out in open areas?
  • Your preference - what style, colour, and size of cat bed you're happy to see in the room, and where you're planning to locate it! A large heated cat bed can take up quite a bit of space (but may be essential if you have a particularly big moggy!).

Read reviews

There are plenty of brands to choose from, including Art of Paws, Ancol and Comfy Pets, so once you've decided on the style of heated cat bed you want, make a shortlist and read reviews to find out how these cat beds perform in real life.

The best heated cat beds

So, what are the best heated cat beds? We found two we love - and that reviewers seem to love too:

Petnf Heat Adjustable Large Heated Cat Bed

This large, heated cat bed is waterproof, durable, and easy to clean by hand. It has heat and timer controls, and is available in three sizes.

  • 6 different heat levels and 4 timer settings
  • Fire-resistant
  • Chew-proof steel cord

Lesotc Temperature Controlled Heated Cat Bed

This fire-resistant and practical heated cat bed has two thermostats to ensure it remains at the perfect temperature and is available in two sizes.

  • Removable, machine-washable cover
  • Waterproof inner
  • Chew-resistant cord for safety

FAQs About Heated Cat Beds

Where can I buy a heated cat bed?

Heated cat beds are available in larger pet stores like Pets at Home, general high street retailers such as Argos, and online through Amazon and other internet shopping sites.

What type of heated cat bed should I choose?

Think about where it will be used. Electric heated cat beds should be placed carefully to avoid trailing leads and are only suitable for indoor use. If you want an outdoor heated cat bed, though, you will have to choose a self-heated or microwave pad cat bed.

How do I encourage my cat to use a heated cat bed?

If you can, position it in one of your cat's favourite spots and pop in a toy they love. Carry your cat to the bed, settle them down and make a fuss of them while they get used to its smell and feel.

Still not quite ready to buy a heated cat bad for your furry feline? Try searching for heated cat beds on Amazon to familiarise yourself further with the different designs and features, and read reviews to discover what other purchasers think.

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