How to Make Your Own Rabbit Toys

Every creature needs exercise, including your pet rabbit! By ensuring your rabbit has access to toys you can help to give your bunny a happy and healthy life. Before you dash out to the shops, you can save some money by making your own rabbit toys.

Toys can give both physical and mental stimulation to your rabbit. This can diminish negative behaviours and can keep your rabbit happy and healthy. Some pet shops have available rabbit toys but why spend a lot when you can make a homemade toy for your rabbit?

Cardboard boxes

Make play time safe for your rabbit. Use materials that are safe and not toxic to your pet. Paper bag and cardboard boxes can serve as hiding places for your rabbit. You can cut holes on the cardboard box and make sure your rabbit can enter and exit. You can also add windows to your cardboard boxes. You can also put together many boxes and connect them so that you have a larger hiding place, similar to their natural habitat.

Digging Box

Rabbits love to dig. To keep them occupied, you can have a digging box made especially for them. Make sure that the box is deep enough. You can fill it with shredded papers, leaves, or even hay. Make sure that the leaves are from rabbit-safe trees. You can also add food such as carrots for that extra special surprise!

Flower pots

If you have unwanted or unused flower pots, place herbs and plants that are safe for rabbits like parsley and marigolds. Line up the flower pots to create an alley. Your rabbit can then explore and eat from the herbs when hungry. This can make a great avenue to play in.

Chew toys

Rabbits love to chew so you can consider giving them twigs for their chew toys. Be careful when giving twigs to your rabbit. Cherry, peach, apricot, plum, and redwood can be poisonous to your rabbit.

Whenever you are going to give toys to your rabbit, make sure that they are safe. Check the edges of the toys to make sure they aren't sharp. They can injure your rabbit. If you are giving plastic toys to your pet, make sure that they do not chew on the plastic. Ingested paper is also not healthy for your rabbit. The wood and plants that you give to your rabbit should be free from pesticides or toxins.

When making your own toys for your rabbit, just make sure they are safe. The only limit is your imagination!

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